Every year, leading up to Remembrance Day, we mark Veterans’ Week in Canada. From November 5th to 11th, Canadians come together to honour the extraordinary efforts and sacrifices of our veterans and those who continue to serve. To commence the week’s activities, TryCycle CEO John MacBeth joined CTV Morning Live to introduce “The Burns Way”, an inspiring initiative that unites Indigenous, Non-Indigenous, and Minority Veterans.

The Burns Way operates as a not-for-profit organization, forging partnerships and collaborating with veteran advocacy groups across the country. Together, the partners are creating a new program that aims to offer veterans an anonymous, easily accessible, and inclusive support system, facilitated by veterans themselves. It’s a beacon of hope—where anonymity ensures no judgment, and all veterans can heal at their own pace.

This initiative was named in honour of the late Earl Burns, a courageous Canadian Armed Forces Veteran from James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. Tragically, Mr. Burns was one of 11 people killed during a deadly stabbing rampage on September 4, 2022. He died protecting his family and his community. Mr. Burns selflessly gave his life to save others. In recognition of his bravery and sacrifice, he was posthumously honoured with the Silver Cross.

What sets this program apart is its commitment to anonymity, fostering a safe space where all veterans can connect and heal at their own pace, without judgment, through shared experiences and connections. The program is expected to launch in 2024.