For individuals recovering from addiction and abuse, Coram Deo helps women rebuild their lives and families. With five group home environments, the staff at Coram Deo work to provide individual, gender, and trauma-informed recovery support and wrap-around services.

Currently, Case Managers visit each residence 5 to 7 days a week, where clients are given the necessary support to lead a sober and safe lifestyle. This can include connecting residents with outpatient services, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals.

TryCycle creates an enhanced system of care

To enhance the day-to-day management and care of clients, Coram Deo is actively introducing TryCycle Data Systems’ Digital Compassionate Tether platform to increase connection, access to services, and care delivery. Residents from each of their five locations are invited to participate in this pilot program, aimed at increasing engagement and building further self-awareness to sustain long-term recovery.

For staff, TryCycle bridges access to new streams of data and real-time client information that would otherwise not exist. Actionable client information such as symptoms, medication compliance, stress, and overall mood allow Coram Deo staff to direct risk-based care and support to the right clients, at the right time.  Today, TryCycle is being utilized with clients who submit a digital check-in once per day (or more, if they’d like) in a way that’s reliable, safe, and confidential.  Only their care team has access to this information which can be used “in” the moment, not after to enable decisions, personalize care, and improve service.

Jody Davis

“TryCycle represents a new way to support our recovery philosophy. It is providing staff with additional pathways to enhance our services, and facilitate deeper connections.”
Founder and Executive Director Jody Davis.

Together with committed individuals, the using of technology in residential treatment settings like Coram Deo can help clinicians and counsellors identify risks and intervene early. Meeting clients where they are, and bridging gaps in both service and communication is needed now, more than ever.  TryCycle’s digital approach is designed to complement not compete with existing treatment program routines and workflows, ensuring that efficiencies can be achieved regularly and rapidly.

TryCycle’s technology-based assessments and data-driven interventions, is helping to provide a new source of therapeutic information that will change how compassionate, coordinated care is delivered.

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