SASKATOON — The Burns Way Project, a newly formed non-profit organization with four organizations acting as administrators, is dedicated to advancing the causes of Indigenous Peoples who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones, the Assembly of First Nations, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and the Royal Canadian Legion are the organizations committed to supporting all veterans, regardless of Indigenous or non-Indigenous background.

Last year, a significant milestone was achieved when the Legion and the Saskatchewan First Nations Veterans Association signed a memorandum of agreement, a momentous occasion for Indigenous veterans. Building upon the momentum created by this historic signing ceremony, The Burns Way Project was established to ensure equal treatment for Indigenous veterans.

The project derives its name from the late Earl Burns, an esteemed veteran and residential school survivor who tragically lost his life during the events at the James Smith Cree Nation and in Weldon. Earl Burns, assigned to Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, demonstrated bravery and sacrifice while protecting his family and community during the September 3, 2022, stabbings.

Posthumously, he was honoured with the Silver Cross for his valiant efforts, and his wife, Joyce, who was wounded in the same incident, was also bestowed with the Silver Cross.

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