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Talking Stick: Indigenous peer support and community safety

Feeling stressed, anxious, or alone? Connect one-on-one with one of our peer advocates for culturally safe listening and emotional support, 24/7.

Need to open up about something you can’t share with friends or family? Talking Stick is always anonymous and judgement-free. Talking Stick is free to use and available to anyone on mobile (Android or iPhone) devices or desktop (computer). Simply open Talking Stick any time of day to start an anonymous chat with one of our available Indigenous peer advocates.

Peer advocates are not crisis counsellors or mental health professionals. They are Indigenous people from communities all over the province who are trained to listen with compassion and provide understanding and support.

New! Community Safety
Exclusive to the Talking Stick app, subscribe now to FirstAlerts, an emergency alert system for Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan.

Get information you can trust from the communities you care about. To learn more, go to

Your anonymity matters.
There are no passwords, no log-in information required. With Talking Stick, you will never need to share your name or any personal information.

Every chat is confidential and is automatically and permanently deleted as soon as it ends.

Your Voice, Your Choice.

Choose your language, choose your community, and choose the Indigenous peer you want to chat with.

Chat anonymously about any topic you want – we are here to listen. Your voice matters.

Every Voice Matters. You Matter.
Whether you’re going through a difficult time or in need of a safe space to talk, Talking Stick is an always anonymous destination for Indigenous youth and adults to speak and feel heard. We utilize the power of shared culture and lived experiences. A peer advocate can truly understand and relate to your needs, because they have shared a similar life path.

Talking Stick is a platform that aims to create a more connected life through support, services, skills development, and capacity building that can enhance the overall health of Indigenous communities. Together, we’re determined to remove obstacles to care and offer services that respect the vibrant culture and voices of Indigenous people.

Talking Stick is a safe space to talk about:

Life events
Mental Health and Wellness
Anxiety, Worry, Stress, Fears
Depression, Loneliness
Grief and Loss
School, Work, Relationships
Violence, Anger, Bullying
*Talking Stick Peer Advocates are not health professionals or trained mental health counsellors. If you are in immediate danger, please contact 9-1-1 or contact your local health department.

Key Features:

10 Language Options (including Cree, Dene, Saulteaux, and more)

Always anonymous

24/7 access, 365 days a year

No topic is off-limits, judgement free zone

Chat history is always deleted. Never saved.

Talking Stick for Support, Safety, and Services
First Alerts

Indigenous Emergency Alert System

Community-driven emergency alert system by Indigenous, for Indigenous people. Exclusive to the Talking Stick app, FirstAlerts can quickly share culturally sensitive emergency information to Indigenous communities such as missing persons, natural disasters, or threats to public safety.



Rapid Disaster Response

In times of crisis or emergency, the Talking Stick virtual DART team can be activated with the click of a button. These additional emergency response resources can be available on the Talking Stick app to provide acute information and emotional support during emergencies.


Special Teams

Connect Anonymously with Community Health Resources

An innovative concept that invites existing community-based health professionals into the Talking Stick program as available resources. Chat anonymously and reduce hesitancy to ask questions from public health nurses, health educators, or counsellors, without fear, judgement, or shame.


Our Commitment to Data Privacy and Security

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