Hosted by award-winning broadcaster Sam Laprade, and presented by the Ottawa Board of Trade, Ottawa Business Matters, a podcast produced by the Ottawa Board of Trade, aims to inspire and inform the authentic side of business in Ottawa. Our city’s business community is vibrant, creative, and innovative. Hear stories about the people, places and priorities that drive our local economy and that are shaping our future.

Episode 14 focuses on the impact of mental health in the business community, highlighting discussions on its importance, especially post-pandemic. This episode underscores the evolving conversation around mental health in the business sector, advocating for supportive environments, community leadership, and the removal of stigma towards a healthier, more inclusive workplace and community.

    • Sueling Ching, President and CEO of the Ottawa Board of Trade, talks about the intertwined relationship between business, economy, and mental health.
    • Lee Rose from TD, shares his personal and professional journey in supporting mental health initiatives and community engagement.
    • Sheila Gallant-Halloran from Lush Life Travel talks about the significance of travel for mental health and well-being.

TryCycle’s newly appointed CEO, Brett Merriman, talks about his transition into the new role, his views on leadership, and shares insights on the company’s digital mental health solutions for Indigenous, Veterans, and Youth communities. “We’re hoping our software is going to have a massive impact in our own community.”

As a leader, Brett credits founder John MacBeth and the leadership at TryCycle for being able to “do good business and do good for people.” The key to leadership according to Brett, is being genuine and being human.

New episodes air every Sunday at 8:00 PM on Rogers TV.