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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a stark rise in depression, anxiety and SUDs.
Post-traumatic stress disorders in high stress occupations are on the rise.
Stigma and access remain major barriers to seeking help and sustaining recovery.

We are determined to reduce the risks associated with mental health and substance use disorders and promote wellness. It is our mission to build solutions that use technology to create connections between people that support compassionate, data-informed, proactive care.


of patients agree that TryCycle is a helpful tool in their recovery


increase in patient accountability to their recovery goals


of patients say TryCycle has improved communications with their clinician

“It’s an innovation in care delivery.”

-Jim O’Dea, Senior Vice President, Hartford HealthCare

“It’s provided a whole new level of engagement with patients”

-Melissa Monroe, Clinical Director at Rushford

“Clients feel heard. TryCycle is convenient and accessible. It’s not an intrusive tool or process”

-Thomas Nicholson, Recovery Support Specialist at Hartford Healthcare

“The tidal wave of addiction is tearing families in Connecticut apart. In order for us to fix this crisis, we’re going to have to be innovative and that’s exactly what TryCycle is doing.”

-U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)

“We look forward to working with TryCycle Data and the services they will be offering to our veterans who will have immediate access to mental health support.”

-Grand Chief Steven Ross (Former), Saskatchewan First Nations Veterans Association

“Access to mental healthcare has long been a challenge due to resources and stigma. Similar barriers to care exist in the veteran community in general. That’s where solutions like TryCycle can truly make a difference.”

-Major General (Retired) Glynne Hines

“Everything changed in a blink of an eye! We talk about the opposite of addiction is connection. It brought some peace of mind being “tethered” to our clients. We didn’t have any overdose deaths for our clients on TetherAll during COVID.”

-Matthew Lapane, Recovery Support Specialist