Ottawa, ON – TryCycle Data Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Brett Merriman as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Merriman first joined TryCycle in 2022 as its Chief Financial Officer. Over the past two years, he has played a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth, which was recognized by the Ottawa Business Journal in March when it named TryCycle the third-fastest-growing business in Canada’s capital.

In his new role as CEO, Merriman will lead the company through its next phase of growth and innovation, including the upcoming launch of The Burns Way, a new mental health app made specifically for Canada’s veterans.

“I’m honoured to assume the role of CEO and lead our talented team as we continue to make mental health care more accessible, effective and equitable,” said Merriman. “John has been an inspiring leader, and I’m excited to carry his vision forward.”

Founder and former CEO John MacBeth will transition to Chief Sales Officer, helping expand the reach of TryCycle’s products into other jurisdictions and countries. As CEO, Merriman will continue to uphold the company’s commitment to revolutionizing mental health care and technology and empowering people to live healthier lives.

“As we transition from founder-led to founder-inspired, I am excited to support Brett in his new role as CEO,” said MacBeth. “Brett’s strategic vision and dedication to our mission make him the ideal leader to guide our company forward.”

Merriman’s tenure as CFO has been marked by the launch of critical health technology products, included Talking Stick, an anonymous mental health chat app that provides peer-to-peer Indigenous support and currently employs more than 200 Indigenous people in Saskatchewan. In February, the app expanded to include a new feature called FirstAlerts, an emergency alert system designed by and for Indigenous nations.

About TryCycle Data Systems: Established in 2017, TryCycle is an Ottawa tech company bridging the gap between digital software and human connection. We empower at-risk communities and vulnerable populations with accessible digital solutions to enhance well-being and build capacity, especially for those facing mental illness, substance use, suicide, depression or loneliness. Named Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Company 2023 and Best Ottawa Business 2023.

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