Evidence-based treatment integrates innovative tech to restore hope and health for people with substance use disorders.

OAKLAND COUNTY, APRIL 06, 2021 – TryCycle’s novel “Digital Compassionate Tether” approach has been a lifeline for many people struggling with addiction. Last year, the company was recognized for saving lives in Connecticut and they are determined to do the same in Michigan.

We are proud to announce that Meridian Health Services will incorporate TryCycle’s digital tether technology with patients receiving Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction. The goal is to offer TryCycle’s treatment-engagement app to every client at the Waterford Treatment Center.  For Clinicians and Peer Recovery Coaches, access to patient data outside of scheduled appointments will be a game-changer.

Rick Paige, CEO of Meridian Health Services, said “We are excited to expand and strengthen our ability to connect with the population we serve through the TryCycle platform. Our hope is this will enhance client engagement, strengthen the client-clinician relationship and help us to improve treatment outcomes.”


Patients are enrolled by a trusted Clinician or Peer Recovery Coach to participate in the TryCycle enhanced care program. The solution is always free to patients themselves, for as long as they remain committed and ‘tethered’ to their health team via TryCycle’s mobile app.

The company’s HIPPA-compliant platform combines screening and monitoring tools while harnessing patient data “in the moment”.  This offers a glimpse into the patient’s daily life, meeting clients where they are and creating more opportunities for dialogue and human touchpoints. In return, interventions and treatment plans can be tailored to the individual. The commitment by patients is typically a once per day 90-second check-in using the TryCycle App, sharing mood, behaviors, and medication compliance in the context of daily life.  The data is sent to their care team, creating a data-rich profile including patterns, trends, and risk status.

“With a nationwide shortage of psychiatrists and mental health specialists, TryCycle arms scarce resources with the right data at the right time. As a result, patients receive more proactive and more personalized care,” says Kelly Gregoire, Vice President of TryCycle.

For patients, this process encourages a sense of agency, responsibility, and accountability to their treatment plan and recovery. For Clinicians and Peer Recovery Coaches at Meridian Health Services, using TryCycle with patients is yet another tool in their toolkit to engage patients, reinforce progress and maintain a human connection.


As patients move in and out of recovery stages in a non-linear fashion, treatment providers like Meridian Health Services must find creative ways to enable smooth transitions of care, ease the clinical burden and improve health outcomes. TryCycle fills these gaps in between, augmenting care as usual with data-driven insights from real patients, in real-world situations.

While the pandemic continues to deprive people of treatment options, support systems, and social connections, Meridian Health Services, and TryCycle are working together and working smarter to help patients sustain recovery.


For residents in Michigan, Meridian Health Services is a trusted option. Meridian Health Services is the only treatment facility in Michigan to offer an evidence-based treatment curriculum with specialized programming components to treat opiate and poly-substance dependence. With facilities in Pontiac, Redford, Flint, Sterling Heights, and Waterford, Meridian Health Services has been helping people heal from addiction and related disorders for more than 50 years. http://meridian-hs.org/