Ottawa, Ontario-based TryCycle Data Systems is committed to using innovative technology to close gaps in connection and care between substance use disorder clients and their clinical team. TryCycle is pleased to announce a two-year licensing agreement with the Root Center for Advanced Recovery to enhance supports for over 5,500 clients they serve each day. Signed in July 2022, the agreement will deploy TetherAll, a Digital Compassionate Tether platform, across its mental health and addiction services, including its Admissions Department and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP).

“At Root Center, we are committed to providing comprehensive care to individuals which will promote multiple pathways to recovery. For some, technology, and platforms like TetherAll are embedded in the fabric of their lives. We anticipate being able to truly engage our clients during their most vulnerable times, the first 30 days of medication-assisted treatment.” – Amy Di Mauro, Chief Operations Officer, Root Center for Advanced Recovery

Established in 1871, the Root Center, a private, non-profit, behavioral health care and research organization is an established leader in providing comprehensive care, leading to sustained recovery for people living with mental health and substance use disorders.

Embedding TetherAll into the Root Center’s clinical workflow will enhance the treatment experience for clients and for clinicians. For clients, the digital platform offers an opportunity to reflect and report in real time, providing the care team with important, in-the-moment information that will assist in treatment planning. For clinicians, it will provide a rich bank of data, available on an intuitive dashboard, creating an ongoing connection that will optimize the treatment experience and ensure the best possible outcomes for clients.

Using TetherAll from the time of admission – on the first day – and through the first thirty days of treatment will help Root Center engage with clients immediately, improving retention, follow-through, and compliance with the treatment plan.

TetherAll’s risk algorithm supports early identification of clients, increasing the clinician’s awareness of and insight into client-specific patterns related to mental health and substance use disorders. This real-time data supports interventions that are both early (prevention-based) and tailored to each client. Regular and consistent engagement with the TetherAll app helps clients apply new skills and knowledge between scheduled therapy visits – these skills can be practised, and feedback can be offered by the health team “in the moment.”

“TetherAll creates a unique opportunity to triage risk, connecting clients with staff when they need it most. This facilitates efficient, coordinated communication among the client and healthcare team.”– Michelle Voegtle, Director of Clinical Programs, TryCycle Data Systems