TryCycle CEO, John MacBeth, was recently featured in an interview with Eva Goldstein, AVP, Strategic Partnerships at RGAX:

Q: What makes TryCycle different from other mental health apps on the market?

I’m glad you asked that because that is fundamental to understanding how TryCycle works. First, we are not a psychiatrist-in-a-box like many of the other mental health apps on the market today. We’re a clinician decision support tool. Our core target users are the highly engaged, empathetic, passionate group of people who tend to be drawn to the mental health profession.

Instead of being reactive, we’re helping these clinicians be proactive and turn the downward spiral that leads to relapse into a positive cycle that helps people recover. When people stay in recovery for two years, they have a much higher chance of staying in recovery.

Since its formation in 1973, RGA (The Reinsurance Group of America) has grown to become a member of the Fortune 500 and the only international company to focus primarily on life and health-related reinsurance. RGAX was established as the “transformation engine” of RGA and as an extension of RGA’s decades-long commitment to innovation.

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