TryCycle Data Systems is officially Ottawa’s third-fastest growing company for 2024. This is the second year in a row that TryCycle has made the list of Ottawa Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies in Canada’s capital, jumping up in ranking from eighth place last year.

The criteria for the award looked at three-year sales growth percentages from fiscal years 2021 to 2023, which for TryCycle was an astounding 757.5%. As OBJ editors point out, the fact that those years include impacts from the global COVID-19 pandemic makes the accomplishment all the more remarkable.

TryCycle CFO Brett Merriman credits the entire TryCycle team as “integral in helping get their products developed and launched into the hands of its customers.”

In response to how TryCycle grew its revenue during the pandemic, Merriman says: “We needed to be flexible beyond our existing product lines and markets. We had existing relationships with some First Nation communities prior to the pandemic and the pandemic had an extremely negative effect on those populations. We were able to come up with a creative solution called Talking Stick to help address some of the issues. By listening to the unique needs of our customers and potential customers, we were able to develop new enterprise solutions in a space that was adjacent to the current products we had deployed.”

See the complete list and read the official announcement from the Ottawa Business Journal here.