TryCycle develops and supports clinician-focused software systems, to address the growing epidemic of substance use, addiction and mental health. The company has started testing their digital health platform on the CENGN infrastructure to gain insight on system performance variables and evaluate enhanced cloud services and capabilities.

The project will ensure the system speed, accuracy and reliability continues to operate as expected before going to market with large-scale deployments. Additionally, they are utilizing CENGN’s commercial-grade infrastructure and technical expertise to scale test their solution at 20,000 mobile devices, providing TryCycle with an understanding of the system resource requirements as the number of software licenses are increased.

TryCycle’s project will be deployed in a cloud tenancy environment and will consist of multiple containers running Docker to ensure the TryCycle platform can be deployed in a containerized environment. TryCycle will be provided three virtual machines including a JMeter VM to generate traffic and simulate 20,000 machines for load testing, an Object Storage VM to run administration applications, and a PostgreSQL Database VM to monitor system performance during testing.

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