In a collaborative effort to amplify support for all veterans, a new initiative “The Burns Way” is taking shape. Imagine a world where Indigenous, non-Indigenous, and Minority Veterans groups are working together, to provide veterans with the emotional, cultural, and mental health support they truly deserve.

Coming in 2024, this initiative stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, bringing together different groups and perspectives.

TryCycle is honoured to play a vital role in this transformative initiative, creating new jobs, developing skills, and providing access to proven technologies tailored to the needs of at-risk populations.

Recently featured in an article by MBC News Radio, The Burns Way is an effort that will connect Indigenous veterans with options to rapidly and easily access both peer and professional supports.

Highlights from the Article:

  • The Burns Way Initiative has brought together a number of groups, including the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), the Royal Canadian Legion and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN).
  • TryCycle’s enthusiastic involvement will help to foster peer-based connections and expand access to services; veterans helping veterans.
  • Together, the partners have recognized the challenges veterans face while navigating the current health system and aim to provide additional, new, and reliable resources for mental health support.

  • To read the full story, we encourage you to visit: New Initiative Looks to Connect Indigenous Veterans with Supports, by Michael Joel-Hansen | Aug 21, 2023