Human to human connected care is our norm.

What if clinicians could increase the likelihood of clients staying in treatment? What if the barriers to accessing care did not exist? What if clinicians could easily and safely maintain a connection to their client’s health journey, every step of the way? What if you could interrupt the cycle of risk and reduce relapses? Would you “try” to break the “cycle” with us?

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Focusing on the person, not the disease. TetherAll is:


A consistent practice of digital self-reflections and mood assessments from clients, allow clinicians to provide personalized responses and meaningful interventions.


Secure, password-protected client data can be captured and shared with a coordinated health team. TetherAll is your compass, helping clinicians navigate toward clients when they need the most support.


Allows for the promotion of accountability and positive recovery behaviours for clients, while fostering a sustainable recovery path.


Instant access to data allows for proactive care and early intervention, zeroing in on clients based on patterns, trends, and other risk factors.


A safe and confidential way for health teams to build trust through connection, allowing clients to remain “tethered” to care throughout their entire wellness journey.
Breaking down barriers like language and accessibility

TetherAll strives to ensure accessibility and inclusion for all people, regardless of their race, gender, language, or background. We are proud to provide the TetherAll app in various language options including English, Spanish, French, and Cree (more languages coming soon!).

But that’s not all. TetherAll has been designed for maximum accessibility, available on both mobile platforms (iPhone and Android apps) as well as desktop (computer). This availability ensures that people with different levels of technology access and skills can easily engage with this solution.

Clients who use TetherAll with their health team, have better health outcomes.

We understand that apps alone don’t save lives; it’s humans who make the difference. Improved health outcomes are the result of various factors working together. With TetherAll, clinicians have more options that allow them to reach, engage, and connect with clients, fostering healthy habits such as self-awareness, journaling, and self-reflection. This approach encourages clients to actively participate in their health journey through a “tethered” connection that they can rely on.

Behavioural Health Solutions for:

  • Mental health
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Suicide & Self-Harm
  • Child & Youth Issues
  • Domestic Violence
  • Diabetes

Zero Overdose Death, Zero Deaths by Suicide.*

*Compared to clients not using TetherAll in 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022.

Clients are 60% more likely to stay in treatment.*

* At 60 days, as compared to clients who were not using TetherAll in 2021-2022.

76% of clients agree that TetherAll is a helpful tool in their recovery.

“I was impressed that TetherAll was able to better identify the risk and relapse drift before I did.”
– Steven Palma, VP Operations, MCCA
How it Works

With TetherAll, clinicians can proactively support their clients. The platform enables frequent, in the moment assessments of client behaviour, ultimately reducing the risk of relapse or harm. This changes the treatment experience for both client and clinician. Often, it’s the time in-between when connection is most needed. TetherAll is a safe place for clients to hold their emotions, in the moment.

Above all, TetherAll empowers clinicians with new pieces of data and information that would otherwise never be available. This insight into the spaces between can help clinicians identify at-risk clients sooner, before crisis, and without relying on client-initiated contact.

Tethered Care and Compassion

As part of the TetherAll approach, clients are prompted to complete self-assessment “check-ins” and journal reflections, to report and safely share how they feel through a series of questions or journal entries. Risk scores are calculated via the TetherAll platform and shared only with clinicians, so that a health professional can assess and take action, if needed.

With the right data, clinicians can personalize care on a client-by-client basis, to determine if earlier appointments or adjustments to the existing schedules are necessary.

The subtle proactive shift represents a fundamental milestone in shaping the future of healthcare, significantly improving patient outcomes.

Our Commitment to Data Privacy and Security

TryCycle Data Systems is HIPAA, PIPEDA & OCAP compliant.